Here is a series of frequently asked questions for your review

What’s the average lead time from start to finish?

Depending on the commodity and the source (domestic versus overseas) the lead time can be anywhere from 8 weeks to 22 weeks.

How is billing handled?

We act as “agent for” on your projects. That means that each supplier sets the payment terms based on the hotel/ownerships credit worthiness. Deposits may need to be paid to the supplier in advance of any production to start.  others may require full payment be made before the goods ship.  All invoices will come to CPS for review and approval. A log will be kept and sent in batches for your accounts payable department to process.  A/P will need to feed CPS with check numbers and dates along with the amounts so that CPS can expedite the order.


What is the cost for your service?

We charge a straight fee based on the size and complexity of the project.  Not on a percentage of the cost of goods.


Have more questions?

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