ESSENTIAL HOTEL LOUNGE CHAIR COLLECTION. Every hotel needs Lounge chairs for their guest rooms and public areas. We offer a wide range of styles. Choose from one of our standard finishes and an in-line fabric or supply your own COM and get your product within 6 to 8 weeks!

Do you have a major renovation on the horizon?

Please ask for quotation on large project orders!


Our expert artisans hand craft each piece using only the finest of available materials Рfrom beautifully finished natural woods and sumptuous fabrics to artist-grade metal work and everything in between, our high standard for materials is part of what brings every  piece to life! The use of only quality materials means our products are built to last, serving their space for years to come.


With extensive experience in contract hospitality, high-end custom, and residential markets, our quality designs and craftsmanship are well suited for a wide range of settings and installations.

Mission Statement:

Our passion is to build the highest quality products, striking a delicate balance between timeless design, quality materials, and outstanding comfort. The special attention we pay to this balance imbues each and every one of our pieces with a distinct style. Coupled with our steadfast dedication to exemplary service and fair prices, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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