HOTEL GUESTROOM SAFES AND PEDESTALS BY DUSAW. With a platform of safe and lock technologies spanning over a decade of innovation, we serve a growing roster of discerning hospitality facility owners and hotel managers nationwide. Our electronic safes and smart entryway security devices are found in leading hotel chains throughout the US. By partnering with DUSAW, you too can lock in absolute guest trust and happiness.

Using highly reliable digital keys of American ADI standard that is wear-resistant and exquisite both in the interior and exterior
Single-time molded case and unique spray coating technique that ensures the case is rust free for 5 years.

To design and develop products that last, we put quality first. This is one of the hallmark values we carry from raw material sourcing all through manufacturing.

Delivering the best user experience requires keeping an open mind to keen new technologies. At DUSAW, we tend to be early adopters of the latest tech trends.

Beyond our open-door policy, we connect with retailers, clients and end users for honest feedback that drive demand upstream and aid in product improvement.

In everything we do, we position the DUSAW brand in support of hospitality facility owners and managers to help them deliver more happiness to ever more guests.

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Showing all 10 results